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Past pupil Tom Farrell enjoys well deserved rest from summer of touring.

In a recent interview with The Westmeath Examiner, St. Finian's College past pupil Tom Farrell revealed the highs and lows of joining one of the most elite marching bands in America- the Sacramento Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps. Coming from shows of maybe 100 people at them, to performing in 100 degree farenheit heat to 20,000 people, Tom adapted incredibly well.

In his interview, Tom descibed the 15 hour days of gruelling practice and regimental performing, with very little sleep along the way. From the sounds of it, when they weren't training or performing, they were sleeping on a bus while on the move from one city to another. It's astonishing to think that the general concensus among the group was that their favourite time was 'floor-time'. This was in fact maybe a half an hour of sleeping on a blow up mattress on a gym floor, and its one of the only times the group are not physically moving anywhere. Imagine! Travelling with 150 different people was a logistical nightmare in terms of sleeping, queing for food, showering and so on, but of course, Tom made the most of this incredible opportunity.

At 21, Tom experienced massive crowds in stadiums that hold up to 110,000 people in places such as the Rose Bowl and Stanford University in California. He performed in about 28 shows touring 32 states and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We wish Tom the best of luck with his aviation technology career in DIT, as well as continued success in the ever popular Mullingar band Good Man Sheila who are playing in Electric Picnic this year! Well done Tom.



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