HOUSE System

In order to promote positive behaviour, leadership and contributions to the school community, the HOUSE programme was established by Ms Emma Carey in September 2019. It acknowledges and awards the wonderful students who make a positive difference to school life here in St Finian’s College. HOUSE is run among our 1st to 3rd Years, with each student allocated to one of four HOUSES, all named after our local lakes (Derravaragh, Ennell, Owel and Sheever), in which they can earn tokens throughout the year. These tokens are converted to points. The HOUSE that has accumulated the most points by May, is richly rewarded by the school with a fun day out… on the house! HOUSE is managed by eight HOUSE Captains, two per HOUSE, who meet their ‘HOUSE mates’ at different times in the year, and encourage their efforts via Google Classroom.

Tokens can be awarded by teachers for a huge variety of reasons such as an improved effort in class, helping out fellow classmates, developing their skills on school teams, etc. Students can also earn extra tokens, by working on special challenges that are set each month by the HOUSE Officer, Ms Sinéad Garvin.

This programme allows students to interact with other year groups, develop their sense of belonging and encourages them to take responsibility within their school community. Students always enjoy the competitive element to HOUSE, especially at the end of the year when the points race is generally very close!

Our House Captains for Academic Year 2023-2024 are:

Sheever: Mr Dan Connell & Ms Clare Keighran

Ennell: Mr Kevin McKeon & Ms Lynne Blanche

Derravaragh: Ms Ruth Coloe & Mr Pat Murray

Owel: Mr Barry Kelly & Mr Conor Lynch

House Captain: Ms. Sinéad Garvin

HOUSE Challenge

Each HOUSE is named after a local lake, but what do you know about your HOUSE lake?

Make a poster that includes one or more subjects that you study, which includes information about

Lough Derravaragh, Lough Ennell, Lough Owel or Lough Sheever.


Maths- size, widest point, distance to Joe Dolan statue…

English- where did the lake’s name come from (etymology), stories and/ or poems written about the lake or people living around it…

Geography- draw a map, coordinates, river tributaries, measure the area in kilometres squared of your lake, wildlife, county boundary lines…

Irish- translate the name, folklore or myths associated…

History- how was the lake used in the past- fishing, first recorded reference of the lake…

Business Studies- any mills or industry from the lake, impact on local economy, tourist attractions, outdoor recreation…

Science- chemicals found in water reports, safety record…

Home Economics- fishing or by products used in diets/ recipes…

Religion- evidence of saints on any lake islands or shores, religious rituals taking place, churches or graveyards on shores or islands…

Music- any songs written about the lake or refer to the lake…

Art- how has the lake been depicted through art or creative means like statues, jewellery etc.

C.S.P.E.-What politicians have worked to protect the lake/ make it a safer place…

S.P.H.E. / P.E.- Sporting activities on the lake, any outdoor activity companies who use the lake for outdoor recreation…

French/ German- be creative! Label any elements in the language.

Congratulations to HOUSE Owel and their Captains Mr. Barry Kelly & Mr. Conor Lynch

Winning HOUSE for 2023-2024 brought the group to Croke Park & Jump Zone & Liffey Valley for their trip away

Aug 23
1st Year 2024 Induction Day
Aug 26
Return to school 1st, 3rd, 6th yr
Aug 26
Return to school St Martha's & St Phyl's
Aug 27
Return to school 2nd & 5th year
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